Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cinnamon and honey cookies.

I made the most amazing cookies. Absolutely stunning. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Chicken food progress.

I've enjoyed giving the chickens different foods to try since I've had them. Its actually surprising what they can eat and what they like. I let them have soaked raisins the other week and they loved it! They especially liked the flavoured water and would sip it looking upwards thoughtfully.
They like bread and seemingly potato bread, corn, garlic flavoured porridge. Apple! They love apple. I gave them cabbage but they didn't seem that interested.
This morning I gave them sweetcorn and they seem quite keen on it although they are still deciding.
I think the thing they liked the most were the live meal worms I gave them. I can't say I enjoyed the experience but they were so joyful I will have to buy them some more further into the winter.
It does make me happy making them happy but of course I can't just give them treats or they won't eat their regular food.
If you have chickens, what treat foods do they like to eat?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

New viv.

I bought Mrs Wiggles a new viv the other day. £10 plus £5 for a new back. Its second hand and home made but I think its beautiful and its massive. I gave it a massive clean out and removed the old back and added a lovely new sheet of boarding which made it look loads better. 

I moved my younger snake butters into Wiggles's old viv too so they're both getting used to bigger environments. 

 Mrs wiggle is having a great time exploring and climbing and falling off things. Butters is busy hiding and being frightened but maybe by tomorrow he will feel brave enough to have a good look around.

Do you like her new Christmas cottage? Its an empty sweet box. :D 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I really want to buy myself a horse but it's so hard to find grazing land that doesn't cost the earth and is easy for me to get to. It doesn't help that I need it to be within a thirty minute walk from my house as I can't drive and I don't want it to be a massive undertaking to get to my horse. It also doesn't help that I have very little money and if I got a better job with more hours I'd be able to afford the horse but not have the time to look after it. Sigh. I wish I'd been born with money. :P Don't we all.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Esme is now 6 months old and not only has she commandeered the dogs bed

She has taken mine too. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

More catching up.

For my birthday I got a juicer and this is a mixture of two oranges, a handful of grapes and an apple. Such a wonderful but calorific drink. 

 We couldn't walk past the stream without having a swim now could we?

 Just a quick dip to wake you up.
 When I got home I made another batch of sour dough starter, because I had too much and I can't stand to throw anything away. Isn't it nice when the jar is all new and clean?

After an exhaustive search I found my camera leads.

So it looks like I have some catching up to do. Here's Esme, she's around six months old now and growing like a weed.

 Esme and Niche the jealous.
 Niche the Jealous giving Esme a little wash.
 Today was so beautiful I decided to do some exploring.
 Can you believe this is November?

 This is the new chicken run for the three monsters.
 It was meant to be to stay in all the time but I couldn't stand to see them stuck inside so I let them out into the main garden for at least an hour a day. They are all very curious.